Food Intolerance Interview

The Difference Between Food Intolerance and Food Allergies

A food intolerance response takes place in the digestive system and occurs when you are unable to properly breakdown the food. This could cause a wide range of symptoms including anything from nausea, bloating and diarrhoea to headache.

One of the most effective ways to relieve yourself of these symptoms is by conducting a simple food intolerance test and eliminate these foods from your diet. Watch below as our Lab Operations Manager, Dr. Jihad Saadeh explains the benefits of testing for food intolerance.

Take advantage of the 10% discount on food intolerance testing until April 26th. We test for over 250 types of various foods and provide a comprehensive report on the findings. Call us today on 024919300 for our lab in Abu Dhabi or our lab in Sharjah on 065448558. We accept all walk in patients.


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