Welcome to Proficiency Healthcare Diagnostics.

Proficiency Healthcare Diagnostics, is an established network of accredited laboratories and radiology centres situated across the entire UAE, offering reliable diagnostic solutions for the professional medical community, medical centres, clinics and hospitals.

With laboratories situated in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Western Region we are confident of providing premium diagnostic services across the emirates.  Our fleet of couriers ensure that samples are collected quickly and efficiently allowing test results to be available quickly.

Our laboratories are furnished with state of the art equipments and instruments, according to the most recent advancements in international laboratory industries.  Combined with modern laboratory information systems, we can confidently identify our patients through digital bar-coding techniques and are able to track and monitor all samples accurately and efficiently.

Timely Support

Accuracy and efficiency work hand in hand to offer reliable test results, all in very fast turn around times. PHD is fully supported by a fleet of vehicles to ensure the fast collection and delivery of results across the entire region.

Innovative Ideas

Our extensive and ever growing test repertoire includes molecular and genetic capabilities, that confidently ensures, PHD remains at the cutting edge of new scientific discoveries in the art of medicine and offers a wide range of test choices to our partners.

Advanced Technology

PHD have employed advanced technology through the integrated Lab Information System,  interfaced with all analysers and state of the art machines to provide automatic, cloud based results that are securely available online.

Noun: proficiency; plural noun: proficiencies
Synonyms:  A high degree of skill; expertise.  Example; “he demonstrated his proficiency in medicine”.
synonyms: skill, skilfulness, expertise, experience, ability, capability, capacity, competence, adeptness, excellence, mastery, professionalism, aptitude, dexterity, finesse, effectiveness, accomplishment, expertness, talent.
The Meaning of 'Proficiency'