Health Screening

Monitoring your health, alerting you to potential risks

Health screening provides you with an excellent opportunity to review your physical condition and lifestyle and can detect any disease or health issues in their early stages.

This allows you to make informed decisions about your own health, making small changes to your lifestyle where necessary, to improve your well-being and reduce the risk of developing disease in the future.

PHD offers a wide range of health screen packages and assessments that provide a detailed review of all the major body systems. Each of these can be customized further according to your needs and are available across the whole UAE for your convenience.

Equipped with the most advanced technology and staffed by an experienced team of specialists, we provide you with the latest and most innovative procedures.

Do I need health screening?

Take just three minutes out of your busy daily schedule to answer the following self-assessment questions to determine whether you should consider heath screening.


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Well Woman

PHD offers a wide range of health assessments and screening programs designed for women of all ages.  Take our three minute assessment and ensure you remain healthy for life.


Well Man

Busy, responsible lives can often mean we take our health for granted.  Take our three minute assessment to see if you qualify for one of PHD’s tailor made screening programs.

Thalassaemia Screen

Thalassaemia is a genetic disease that can be easily detected before you start a family. For further information, please get in touch with PHD today for further information and guidance.


Allergy vs Intolerance

Did you know food intolerance is different to food allergies?  At PHD, we offer comprehensive food intolerance tests that can release you from a life of constant illness and irritation.